Hi all you American Horror Story:Freak Show” season 4 fans!
Thanks for coming to my site. You’re very welcome to have a look around, but don’t blame me if you see something you don’t like ! I’m fundamentally an Outsider artist, free thinking and independent, with a desire for equality for disabled people, and as such not all my opinions are mainstream. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

“And I’m a freak and I’m an actor, and I’m a freak actor playing a freak.
And it’s awesome!”

You can follow me on Twitter, @mat_fraser  ,  you can join my Facebook fan page  and if you want to interview me about being in this FX show, please contact Roslyn Bibby Madison, by emailing her at  Roslyn.Bibby@fxnetworks.com  first please, as the production have asked all press inquiries to go through them who will set it up.
I hope you enjoy what I do; You may also be interested to check out my artistic productions and creations page on Facebook, that I share with my wife Julie Atlas Muz, called ONEOFUS. Gooble Gobble we accept ya, we accept ya ONEOFUS !!!
Thanks, and all the best, Mat x
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