From Freak to Clique

Mat Fraser – From Freak to Clique from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.
This is a montage from the show when I did a special version of it for the “From The Margins To The Core” museums diversity conference recently, at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Cast Offs

Cast Offs is a Channel 4 comedy drama series framed as a documentary where six disabled people are sent to a remote island to discover whether they can survive un-assisted.
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Holby City

Mat Fraser in Holby City. Mat plays Gary Davids who is thalidomide affected. Gary feels his life has been held back due to the affects of this drug and blames the drug directly. Gary has now been diagnosed with a tumor and the only drug that can save him now is Thalidomide.


Unarmed But Dangerous

Original title trailer for Kung Fu Flid, which was re-titled as Unarmed But Dangerous when it got an International distribution deal with Anchor Bay.
The full film can be watched on the Film Lounge website.

Arghh… It’s a disabled person!

17 February 2009 — Short documentary film. Trying to inspire young disabled artists and show the problems and barriers they face. Interview with Mat Fraser and Dr. Paul A. Darke.


The Butcher

Vandam NYC July 12, 2009. Mat Fraser & Julie Atlas Muz in her infamous piece called “The Butcher”


Mat Fraser Sins Invalid 2009

Sins Invalid performance in san Francisco 18 November 2009, “No Retreat No Surrender” — Mat Fraser performs “No Retreat, No Surrender” at Sins Invalid 2009 at Brava Theater in San Francisco, October 2-4, 2009. Music composed by Steve Angstrom.


Manifesto / Get Your Groove

16 December 2009 — Lizzie Emeh released her debut album Loud and Proud on Friday 9 October. She has made history as the first solo artist with a learning disability to release an album in the UK. Her album launch took place at the Royal Festival Hall. Here she performs Manifesto/Get Your Groove with Mat Fraser.

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  1. Marsha Grebenik says:

    It’s you! American Horror Story 5 is going to be about you! Elsa Mars is an anagram for “seal arms.”

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